You have an extraordinary idea. At some point, you might find out that conventional solutions might not offer what is required to realize it.

You come across this tiny edge case that, for whatever reason, invalidates common solutions. It might be related to what you want to achieve, where it is going to be installed, or who is going to use it.

Working with conventional suppliers and using conventional platforms might cause the cost of achieving the goal to explode with just a small deviation from the norm.

Still, someone has to do it.

Our journey

An unconventional team gathered to build gadgets out of the ordinary.

We initially got together to develop a graphical remote user interface that could function on very constrained networks, even with the standards at the time.

We developed a dedicated server designed to push data optimization to its very limits, all the way down to the bit level. We created a very lightweight client that could function on modest embedded hardware. We made a tool for UI authoring that allowed users to customize and instantly check how UI pages look on constrained embedded devices. We created a server with the express purpose of pushing data optimization to its limits, down to the bit level. We made a client that was incredibly light and could run on cheap embedded hardware. We created a UI authoring tool that enables users to quickly and easily customize how UI pages appear on constrained embedded devices.

When satellite networks and power line modems only had a few kilobits per second of capacity, this suite was used to implement remote user interfaces on connected devices. This suite was utilized, for instance, to manage information signs at distant locations and collect patient data from ambulances.

That marked the start of a long journey into a world of creative responses to atypical needs, including kid-friendly boat simulators, artistic public lighting installations, and futuristic concept cars, among other things. Our primary focus became on technology and artwork rather than conventions. We have never backed down from developing unconventional solutions to meet out-of-the-ordinary requirements.

Everything in our modern society circulates around time; just think about how many things you have to do within a narrow time frame. Time is taken to an extreme within sectors such as industry and service, with penalties for not keeping the schedule, whether a delivery happens too late or too early. However, to young children, it is either now or never, so adults' obsession with timing is a mystery to be solved.

We were asked if we could assist young children in deciphering the riddle of time. Was it possible to create an app that would allow children to learn about time without losing their attention? A clock is, after all, a pretty dull object. Early clock experiences frequently involve bad news; when adults check their watches, it's time to go to bed or start the day at school. To function in the modern world, however, it is crucial for children to understand time and the clock in both their analog and digital forms.

An achievement driven game mixed with humor, an intuitive UI, and likable figures. Cute birds that got fancy hats or exploded and levels of increasing difficulty became the starting point. Then came testing, testing, feedback, more testing, tweaking, and even more testing. At lots of places, with many ages, in many cultures, and in different contexts. The resulting product has now been translated into almost 20 languages and is used in education in over 100 nations. So far, it has helped more than a million children take the first step toward figuring out the time riddle.

And the journey continues.

Some flashbacks

Our extensive and varied portfolio, with clients in the private sector as well as the government and institutions, is the result of our long journey, where we have combined our strong backgrounds from industry, media, education, and artwork. We have provided hardware and software expertise, as well as artwork, and done everything from prestudies to complete solutions involving device development, programming, and service hosting.

Our projects have, among other topics, involved data collection, edutainment, microcontrollers, mobility, machine learning, AI, user experience, VR, wireless networking, and AR. We have worked with clients in a range of industries, including automotive, education, healthcare, business, finance, publishing, and leisure. Along our journey, we have passed the intersections of hardware, software, and visualization and taken part in enabling communication between people, things, and cloud services. We have handled challenging environments, been to locations with scant power or network capacity, and served users who have cognitive and sensory impairments.

Feel free to explore.

Moving forward

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